We have mentioned it before and we'll say it once more (and time and again), honey badgers are remarkably fearless. Like Is Guy Fawkes a public holiday NZ , the badger is host to a variety of parasites, with hostspecific ones (ie those who reside only on badgers) together with a louse (Trichodectes melis) and a flea (Paraceras melis), whereas more generalist parasites include the deer tick (Ixodes ricinus).
King and Moors (1979) proposed the same situation for sympatric Mustela nivalis (a small and efficient predator of small rodents that inhabits burrows with small openings) and M. erminea (a bigger weasel that can kill M. nivalis and steal prey however is too large to enter some rodent burrows with out excavation see additionally King and Powell 2007 :367-377).
Along with using areas of prairie dog colonies utilized by ferrets, badgers may be interested in ferret dens and steal freshly killed prairie canine or portions of prairie canine carcasses in ferret dens (interference by way of kleptoparasitism) or actively hunt ferrets.
Pheasants are the second greatest casualty, followed by foxes, rabbits and pigeons, while West Sussex has emerged because the UK's roadkill capital, chargeable for almost a sixth of all recorded animal deaths-by-vehicle, three times the tally of second-positioned Avon county.
Sadly for the snake although, they are unlikely to survive lengthy sufficient in a battle with a Honey Badger to strike it enough to kill it. Additional, it takes time for the venom to take effect, so even when they manage to knock it out, the snake will possible already be lifeless when this happens.
Regardless of the regional sources, rabies spillover infections to endangered species, comparable to African wild canines or the extremely threatened Ethiopian wolf, may end up in dramatic penalties for populations already decimated by human encroachment (Randall et al., 2004).
When on the move around their territories badgers will use a slow trotting movement with their our bodies held low to the ground, they will commonly cease and lift their heads to smell the air and when alarmed can gallop to cover quite fast, they don't seem to be good climbers however can swim nicely.
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